Transfer money

to Kenya

When transfering money from a bank account in the UK to worldwide overseas bank accounts such as in Kenya then Pay2Globlal are an excellent platform for you to use to do this. We guarantee low fees and will always try to get our customers the best rate of exchange that we can get on the market. So if you need to transfer money to Kenya, we can give a better deal on your exchange than high street banks can offer!

Kenya is a beautiful country situated on the equator in East Africa that also has a coastline with the Indian Ocean. Kenya is a very popular destination with Pay2Globals customers when transfering money overseas. The currency unit in Kenya is the Kenyan Shilling and this consists of 100 cents. If transfering money to Kenya you want to be sure to get the most shillings for your pounds.

If you're planning on transfering money to Kenya to pay for the purchase of property for example, the money will need converting into this currency and it is important that you get yourself the best exchange rate on the foreign exchange market. Our team of professionals can also advise you on whether a fixed rate of exchange would be a better option for the particular transactions you will be looking to make in order to avoid market currency rate shifts.

Quick and easy process to transfer money to Kenya

All you need to do to transfer money to Kenya is follow these simple steps. Choose the Kenyan bank account that you would like to transfer your money from the UK into, followed by the recipient's bank account details and then select the amount of money that you are transfering followed by confirming all your details to complete the process.

You can rest assured when transfering money abroad with Paisaport that the worldwide payments you make will not only be a good financial decision but will also widely decrease your exposure to fluctuations on the foreign exchange market. Our experience will get you the best deal available.

When it comes to our fees, we only charge a maximum of £4 on money transfers over £301, and Paisaport also offers a 24 hour money exchange service that you can use at your convenience.