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to Ghana

Do you need to transfer money to Ghana? If so, Paisaport have one of the most secure platforms for you to use. We guarantee low fees and always strive to get our customer the best rate of exchange that we can broker. So if you need to transfer money to Ghana you need to know you'll definitely get the most that you can for your money. We offer a better deal than you can get in high street banks.

Ghana is in West Africa and borders the Ivory Coast. A common destination customers transfer money to accounts in using Pay2Globals foreign currency exchange service. Not as popular a destination as countries like Spain, France or Australia when it comes to migration from the UK but when it comes to holiday homes Ghana is becoming more popular and the number of British people opting to buy a property in Ghana is consistently increasing all the time.

If transfering money to Ghana to pay for the purchase of property, the money will need converting into Ghanaian currency, which is called the Ghana Cedi and it is divided into one hundred Ghana Pesewas. You could also get a fixed exchange rate to protect you from possible market changes if making payments abroad over a period of time for example.

Find out how to transfer money to Ghana

Just choose the foreign bank account destination that you would like to transfer your money from the UK into, followed by the recipient's bank account details and then select the amount of money that you are transfering followed by confirming all your details to complete the process.

You can rest assured when transfering money abroad with Paisaport that the worldwide payments you make will not only be a good financial decision but can also widely decrease your exposure to fluctuations on the foreign exchange market. As for fees, our fees are very reasonably priced, we only charge you a maximum of £4 based on worldwide transfers of £301 and over.

When it comes to transfering money to anywhere in the world then Paisaport offers you peace of mind with our 24 hour money transfer facility and with the added benefit of being able to do this wherever you may be, and without actually having to handle any money with your own hands.