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Simple, we will save you money and in addition, provide you with a more personal and efficient service compared to your Bank. We have also got some internet and mobile stuff that's pretty good too.

Using a foreign currency broker such as Paisaport will save you time and money, reduce your risk, and give you an edge on your competitors. Save time using Paisaport, if you are nimble on the key board, you can buy currency and instruct payment to your saved beneficiary within 15 seconds. Save money, Paisaport trades directly in the Inter Bank (wholesale) market and provides liquidity to other Financial institutions as well. Reduce risk, Pay2Global has all the tools available to help you manage currency risk. This could be by locking in a rate now, or working an exchange level in the market on our servers 24/7. Gain competitive advantage, Pay2Global will improve your margins from better FX pricing. This allows you to price your products with more certainty & more competitively if required.

The currency market is the biggest in the world and can be very volatile. Paisaport is here to help manage these risks. We want to help you eliminate currency risk in your business with a view to increasing your profits. We also understand the complexities of dealing with International banks, which is sometimes not that easy!

You need to go no further than Paisaport. Our online eFX platform offers real time exchange rates 24/7 (only major currencies at the week end). Our treasury desk can also quote rates over the phone to you if you prefer to call us. We also have indicative inter bank mid rates on our web site. If you need to check a rate quickly just send us an SMS.

There are 4 basic types of transactions, and we cover them all and online as well:

Spot: Not an attractive name, but this is the most commonly used transaction in the Foreign Exchange market. It is an agreement to exchange currencies at a set rate, and normal settlement is 2 days later.

Same Day/Next day: If you are in a hurry we can speed up a Spot transaction to settle earlier. "Next day" is commonly called "Tom", but that doesn't mean that "Same day" is called "Jerry"!

Forward Contracts: This allows you to fix an exchange rate for a future point in time. Great if you want to eliminate uncertainty and potential risk.

Swaps: These allow you to change the value date of a contract to a different date. Whether it is a change of a few days or a few months, no problem. Swaps are only available on the "Dealer +" platform, or directly through our dealers.

We also do Limits, Stops, Alerts and Time Options if you need some more options.

It's Easy, and follow the 4 simple steps. Even better, it's free and there is no obligation to trade. Only use the account when and where you want to.

We offer same day International Swift (the quickest) and if you are sending smaller amounts you can choose which service you want.

Absolutely, book a forward contract online or give us a call.

We provide you with full banking account details once you open an account. All funds are managed through our designated segregated client accounts, and never mix with our own funds.

Of course, many of our clients take advantage of our Paisaport online platform. Paisaport is a cheaper, faster and easier to use system not only making international payments, but for receiving foreign payments too. If you receive foreign currency you will get a better conversion rate with Paisaport than you will with your bank.

Yes, we use similar systems to NASA! Paisaport incorporates fraud prevention measures to maximize the security of your online sessions. We have developed a Java Sandbox model for deliverable currency which we believe to be, the most advanced in the world. Our system also requires triple authentication; company ID, user ID and password. You can also read about Paisaport

Paisaport is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can execute transactions and get account information any time, you're in control. Sometimes people think that we are geeks because we are always making things more efficient to save the odd second here or there; but it all adds up, and we have the quickest FX platform in the marketplace.

How is this handled?

We have a high level of corporate governance options which most of our Fiduciary clients use and find invaluable. A user's individual security level determines the level of menu options that they may access. Users may only activate selections for which they are authorised.

Your companies security administrator identifies the users and assigns security levels based on the person's functional responsibilities.

Paisaport stores all of your beneficiaries to enable you to repeat transactions quickly and effectively. Using our "Easypay" options you are able to complete a transaction in no time at all. Simply select the beneficiary, type in the amount to be sent (in currency) and agree the rate - done! We also allow you to bulk buy currency and then make split payments as required.